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5. - 6.3.2018

At the beginning of March 2018, the European Cities Conference series invited experts on the subject of data protection to Vienna. In the Wappensaal (coat of arms hall) of the Viennese town hall a general idea about the topic with discussions about technological solutions to the law enforcement of data protection was offered on the first day. Concrete examples about the business location Vienna, as well as open data initiatives from the Western Balkans were presented. The workshop on the second day triggered a very detailed and constructive discussion about the technological and organisational implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation in the individual cities and regional authorities, and the qualification of the employees was a central topic.


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Ingrid Brodnig

Ingrid Brodnig is a journalist and author. The focus of her presentations and publications is on the thematisation of digital self-defence and educational work about the spreading of fake news in the internet.


Presentation "Lost in the bubble" (PDF) (German)

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Eva Czernohorszky

Eva Czernohorszky is an expert for the Viennese innovation system. In the "Vienna Business Agency" she built an information and networking platform for Viennese technology companies.

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Martina Jacobs

Martina Jacobs is a lawyer and since November 2017 she is temporarily managing the department of data protection, e-government and information law of the Municipal Department 63, Commerce and Trade, Data Protection and Register Offices of the City of Vienna.


Presentation "Data protection in the municipal administration of the City of Vienna" (PDF) (German)

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Klemens Himpele

Klemens Himpele was born in in Emmendingen/Germany and studied economics at the University of Cologne. Since 2012, he is the head of the Municipal Department 23 – economy, labour and statistics of the City of Vienna. Prior to that he was working in the field of educational research, for "Statistics Austria" and for the German "Education and Science Workers’ Union".

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Harald Katzmair

The social scientist and philosopher is the founder and managing director of "FASresearch – from Networks to Strategy", an international analysis and consulting company that is developing tools and strategies for decision-makers in an increasingly complex world under competition pressure.


Presentation "Data monopolies in the age of 'like' and 'dislike'" (PDF) (German)


Thomas Prorok

Thomas Prorok is the deputy managing director of "KDZ – Centre for Public Administration Research" in Vienna. Currently he runs the programme "BACID-Building Administrative Capacities in the Danube Region" which – amongst other things – promotes the use of open data and the strengthening of transparency in the countries of the Western Balkans.


Presentation "Open data and data cockpit in the Western Balkans" (PDF)

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Max Schrems

With his initiative “” Max Schrems has forced the social network to provide more transparency and a more responsible handling of user data. In 2017 he founded the data protection NGO “NOYB (None of your business) – European Center for Digital Rights” in Vienna. The goal is the enforcement of rights from tech companies like Google and Facebook.


Presentation "Data transfer in third countries and law enforcement according to GDPR" (PDF) (German)

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Dimitrina Vitanova Gerasimova

Since 2004, the economist is working in the IT sector for the Sofia municipality. Since 2016, she is working in the directorate "administrative services" of the Sofia municipality as a key expert.

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Miroslava Matoušová

Dr. Miroslava Matoušová studied "library and information studies". From 2001 to 2011, she was an inspector for the "Data Protection Agency" where she has been working until today. Currently she focuses on the implementation of the legal framework of data protection.


Presentation "General Data Protection Regulation in Czech Republic" (PDF) (German)

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Slavoljupka Pavlović

Slavoljupka Pavlović is head of the "department for cooperation and reporting" in the office of the representative for information of public interest and protection of personal data in the Republic of Serbia. Prior to that Slavoljupka Pavlović was working as a public notary and in 2016 she accepted the high official function in the office of the data protection officer.


Presentation "Video surveillance of streets and public areas in Belgrade" (PDF) (German)

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Attila Péterfalvi

The jurist Dr. Attila Péterfalvi has been addressing the topic of data protection since his studies, since 1996 he has been doing so on a political level. On January 1st 2012, the president of Hungary appointed him as the chairman of the "National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (Hungarian abbreviation – NAIH).


Presentation "Data protection in municipal administrations" (PDF) (German)


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