Mission & Services


City of the future. Future of the city.

Globalisation and new communication technologies are a big challenge for urban regions of Europe but they also provide opportunities. Cities are getting more and more connected which provides many advantages. By means of cooperations they can learn from each other, exchange ideas and implement projects together. As a geographically and historically grown centre, Vienna has a significant pioneering role in connecting cities in the heart of Europe. For us this leading position is acknowledgement and mission at the same time. Therefore, we also want other cities to take part in this know-how and to tackle the challenges of our time together. Because only with a mutual, innovative look forward the future of the cities can be actively designed.

"Vienna" in Slovenian? "Dunaj". "Danube" in Slovakian? "Dunaj".

Confusing? Not with us.
The International Offices of the City of Vienna support the international communication of Vienna in various complex matters. The respective extent of the cooperation with our dialogue cities can be found on the pages of our international offices in Belgrade, BerlinBudapest, Krakow, Ljubljana, Prague, Sarajevo, Sofia and Zagreb. We organise the cooperation with Bratislava from Vienna, supported by a local staff member.

We love Vienna. Vienna is living the dialogue.

We are a flexible team of proven Vienna experts – you can even say insiders – of events in municipal politics in Vienna with young, dynamic ideas. We work with enthusiasm and eagerness for an improved quality of life for all and try every day for an international positioning of the City of Vienna in our cities network. What we try to highlight is primarily its social achievements – be it affordable housing, a high-quality public social and health system, socially equitable educational institutions or generally the city with the highest quality of life worldwide.